Hi, my name is Beau van Beers, founder of Sanplu. Sanplu is inspired by the Taiwanese umbrella culture, established to bring happiness on a rainy day.
In Taiwan people are used to periods of heavy rain, it doesn’t stop them from going outside. Taiwanese always bring a stylish umbrella that not only protects them from rain and sunshine, but it is also an essential part of their outfit.
After studying for six months in the umbrella capital, Taipei, I realized that rain had a completely different effect on the Dutch. The Dutch feel less energetic, stay inside, stop their plans and become moody.
Yearly, worldwide over a billion umbrellas are thrown away. Umbrellas are often treated as consumables and people can’t even recall how often they bought a new one.
With Sanplu I want to change that mindset. Sanplu is there to brighten your day with a touch of yellow, a sparkle of positivity, a ray of sunshine. Exactly what you need on a rainy day.